Delinquent Tax Sale May Affect Up To 88 Properties in Lansing

Delinquent taxes on 88 properties in Lansing were recently sold at the statutory sale at the Cook County Treasurer's office in May. As a consequence, there are Lansing property owners and/or businesses that are in jeopardy of losing title to their homes and commercial properties. To avoid that outcome, they must contact the Cook County Clerk’s Office for a Tax Sale Redemption Bill and pay the delinquent balance in full.  While the law allows a repayment period that varies from 6 months to 3 years depending on the type of property at stake, affected Lansing property owners should know that the sooner they act, the better: statutory fees and penalties will accrue continuously until the bill is paid. As the bill grows, it will only become more likely they will lose their properties. Click below to see a list of the Lansing properties affected by the recent tax sale.

Click here to see Lansing tax sale list