Clerks Office

Village of Lansing Vehicle Sticker

Pre-Printed Applications will be mailed to Lansing residents currently on file for vehicle stickers in the middle of May.


To purchase vehicle stickers you may bring the pre-printed form to the Finance Department's office,

OR you may mail the application back to the Finance Department's office with your payment.


All information requested must be provided.


Your vehicle sticker will then be returned to you by mail.


The address of the Village Finance department is:

3141 Ridge Rd., Lansing, IL 60438.


License must be purchased for:


* Automobiles
* Vans
* Taxicabs
* Motorcycles
* Motor Homes
* Trucks
* Recreation Vehicles
* Buses
* Limousines


Stickers/Decals must be displayed by July 1st. 
The fine for operating a vehicle without having a vehicle sticker shall be not less than $25.00.


Placement of Stickers/Decals:
For All Vehicles* - Lower corner of passenger side window
*Motorcycles - License plate


Make check payable to "Village of Lansing"