Records Department – Lansing Police Department

The Records Department is responsible for retaining of all incident & case  reports created by Police Officers.  Their duties also encompass tickets and reporting of all stats associated with reports/tickets  to the Chief of Police as well as various departments with the State of Illinois.


Records is open


Monday – Friday



Phone  # 708-895-7100

Fax # 708-895-1492



For your convenience you can call/email/fax any request  for information prior to visit so that the information can be gathered prior to your arrival.

Records also can leave copies of  reports at the 911 Center which is open 24 hours a day for those that are not available during regular business hours and need copies  of reports.

Freedom of Information request for Police Department records can be sent to the Records Department.


The Village of Lansing now accepts online payment for tickets.

 Pay ticket here