• 1843 - August Hildebrandt family become the first settlers
  • 1846 - Henry, George, and John Lansing settle in the area
  • pre-1850 - The Pennsylvania Railroad tracks are laid and a station built
  • 1850 The Union Hotel is built on the southwest corner of Ridge Road and what is now Wentworth Avenue
  • 1865 - Henry Lansing is named postmaster and John Lansing plats the town
  • 1893 - Lansing is incorporated
  • 1911 - The first telephone cables are strung
  • 1912 - Electricity arrives
  • 1915 - Ridge Road is paved in concrete
  • 1924 - The Lansing Municipal Airport is built
  • 1926 - The first sewage system is completed
  • 1927 - Natural gas arrives
  • 1930 - The population reaches 3,387

The Lansing area was a part of the Northwest Territory in the late 1700s. It was transferred to the Illinois Territory in 1809. In 1818 Illinois became the 21st state of the Union. As migration west began, settlers, primarily German and Dutch immigrants, came to the Lansing area to build homes, farms, and businesses.The Pennsylvania Railroad came through Lansing in 1856  and since Lansing is located on a sand ridge, the railroad began hauling sand to Chicago for use in building construction. The location of the sand pit of years ago is now Lansing's downtown business district. In 1860 there was no industry, just the railroad and farms. Lansing had a grocery store, saloon, shoemaker and two blacksmiths.