The village is served by two elementary school districts, one high school district, and several private and parochial school systems.

Our first public school was a white frame structure at Ridge Road and Indiana Avenue with 40 students in attendance. This was replaced in 1893 by a two story brick building, Indiana Avenue School. From 1920 to 1924, Lansing students attended high school in this building until they started attending Thornton Fractional (T.F.) in 1924.

District #158

District #158 has three K-5 buildings and one junior high for grades 6-8. District enrollment is over 1900.

School Report Card

Each year, the State Board of Education releases school report cards for each public school in the state. The report cards include student scores on the Illinois Standards Achievement and Prairie State Achievement tests, and ACTs, demographic information on students and teachers, and financial information on school districts. Private and parochial schools do not take state achievement tests.
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District #158 Schools

District #158 has three K-5 buildings and one junior high for grades 6-8. District enrollment is over 1900.

Elementary Schools

  • Calvin Coolidge School (K- 5th Grade)

  • Lester Crawl School

  • Oak Glen School (K- 5th Grade)

  • Reavis School (K - 5th Grade)

Middle School

  • Memorial Junior High School (6th - 8th Grade) 

District #171

Sunnybrook School District #171 has one K-5 building and a middle school for grades 6-8. Over 1350 students are enrolled in the district. 

Elementary School

  • Nathan Hale School (PreK - 4th Grade)
Middle School

  • Heritage Middle School (5th - 8th Grade)

District # 215

Thornton Fractional South High School provides quality education as a part of High School District #215. 
Over 1500 students attend T. F. South and over 85% go on to higher education upon graduation.

School Report Card
To view the school report card for Thornton Fractional South click here.

High School

  • Thornton Fractional South High School (9th - 12th Grade)

Private & Parochial Schools

Private and parochial educational opportunities can be found at the following schools: