This section is designed to provide new residents with helpful information about living in Lansing

Settling in
The Chamber of Commerce provides a network of community information.

Education and Schools
Several public school districts serve the residents of Lansing. In addition, you can find private schools and several institutions of higher learning in the area. Click here for a complete list.

Community Resources


Water Service
A $100 water deposit is required upon application for residential water service. This fee must be paid at the Lansing Municipal Center/Treasurer’s office located at 3141 Ridge Rd.(Ridge Road and Burnham Avenue). This should be done after you take possession of the premises. Please bring a valid Driver's License and your closing documents or lease. If a property has been vacant for 4 months or more, it must be inspected by the Building Commissioner before putting down your water deposit. If or when you move, the deposit will be applied to your final bill or transferred to your new address if you remain in Lansing.

Garbage/Recycling Service
Each Lansing single-family residence will be provided with three (3) new refuse toters.  If you do not have alley access and will be receiving curbside pickup, place your toters within 4 feet of the curb and clear of surrounding obstructions. The end of the toter where the lid opens should face the curb and the handle should be facing away from the curb. Toters should be at least 2 feet apart from each other. If you have alley access, place toters alongside the alley and not on the side of a garage.

Yard Waste
Your leaves will now be picked up by Homewood Disposal Company with your yard waste in the provided toter from April 1st through November 30th ONLY.  All leaves should be put in your toter with the GREEN lid or brown paper yard waste bags.  If you would like to rent additional toters for your leaves or yard waste, please contact the Village of Lansing Public Works Department at 708-895-7190.  Please note:  The Toter Program replaces vacuuming leaves at the curb. (See the section “Benefits of the Toters”).

Chipper Service
The Village of Lansing Public Works Department will continue to provide chipper service for our residents.  The chipper will pick up your large branches on the same day that your refuse is collected; however, your branches must be placed on your front parkway ONLY.  (Chipper service will no longer take place in alleys.)

Twigs may be placed in your yard waster toter. Small bundles of branches, no more than 4 feet in length may be put out next to your yard waste toter and Homewood Disposal will pick them up.

Special Pickups
Call Public Works (708-895-7190) if you have items such as concrete, lumber, dirt, sod or stone to arrange for a special pickup. There may be a charge associated with this service. 

Tree trimming is the responsibility of the property owner.

Vehicle Registration
All vehicles in the Village of Lansing are required to have a  vehicle sticker displayed at all  times. Stickers must be  displayed  on any motor vehicle  operated by  a Lansing resident  on a public street or highway within the Village. Stickers also must be displayed on any motor vehicle that is not in use but is kept or stored within the Village. Leased and company-owned vehicles also are required to have vehicle stickers.

Vehicle stickers are available for purchase the second Monday of May every year and expire on June 30th of each year.  They must be purchased and displayed before July 1st.  Vehicle renewal licenses purchased between July 1st and July 31st are deemed late and will incur a late payment penalty, requiring a payment of two times (2x) the original fee.  Vehicle renewal licenses purchased August 1st or later are deemed substantially late and will incur a late payment penalty, requiring a payment of three times (3x) the original fee.

Residents age 65 as of January 1st of the year for which the annual license is charged shall be entitled to a reduced fee for one senior citizen vehicle sticker per address.  Presentation of a current state registration card showing proof of ownership and proof of age is required for new senior applicants.

Disabled and Purple Heart stickers are sold only to qualified residents with state disabled plates on the vehicle. Please bring in your state registration as verification for new applicants.

New residents moving into Lansing or newly purchased vehicles have 30 days to buy their vehicles stickers.  Stickers purchased beyond this 30 day period will be charged the late payment rates.  Please bring in your bill of sale, closing documents, or signed lease agreement.

A licensee may transfer a sticker from a vehicle to another vehicle in the same year if at least portion of the old sticker indicating the number is presented, or documentation is presented from the sale of the old vehicle and purchase of the new one. 

Pre-Printed Applications will be mailed to Lansing residents currently on file for vehicle stickers in the middle of May.

To purchase vehicle stickers you may bring the pre-printed form to the Finance Department's office, OR you may mail the application back to the Finance Department's office with your payment.

All information requested must be provided.

Your vehicle sticker will then be returned to you by mail.

The address of the Finance Department's office is:
3141 Ridge Rd., Lansing, IL 60438. 

License must be purchased for:

 * Automobiles
* Vans
* Taxicabs
* Motorcycles
* Motor Homes
* Trucks
* Recreation Vehicles
* Buses
* Limousines

Stickers/Decals must be displayed by July 1st. 

The fine for operating a vehicle without having a vehicle sticker shall be not less than $25.00.

Placement of Stickers/Decals:

For All Vehicles* - Lower corner of passenger side window
*Motorcycles - License plate 

Make check payable to "Village of Lansing"

Pet Registration
Animal tags are required annually for all dogs and cats housed within the Village. Tags go on sale in mid May at the Lansing Municipal Center / Treasurer’s office. 

 Utility Services

  • To set up utility services in Lansing, contact these local providers:
  • Electricity: Commonwealth Edison, 800-334-7661
  • Gas:  NICOR Gas, 888-642-6748
  • Telephone: AT&T, 800-244-4444 or Comcast, 866-594-1234
  • Cable: Comcast, 866-594-1234 or AT&T, 800-244-4444

Home Improvements
In order to ensure the safety of our residents, permits are required for most home improvement projects. Please call the Building Department at (708) 895-7193 before beginning any home improvements. The Building Department is located in the Lansing Municipal Center located at 3141 Ridge Rd. (Ridge Road and Burnham Avenue). The hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Voter Registration
Voter registration is provided at the Lansing Municipal Center / Clerk’s office and the Lansing Public Library. You must be 18 years old and have resided in the precinct for at least 30 days prior to registering. Two forms of identification are necessary, one with your current address.