The Village of Lansing embarked on a process to create a new Comprehensive Plan. Public participation was critical as we plan for the Village’s future. The Plan will address land use and development, transportation, neighborhoods, parks and open space, the environment, community facilities, and so much more. Public workshops started in January 2013 and an interactive project website was utilized to allow residents and business owners to track the project and provide feedback on-line, using a variety of on-line tools, such as resident and business questionnaires and an interactive on-line issues mapping tool. The workshops, interviews, and focus groups allowed residents to identify and talk about the community issues and priorities you feel are most important. Business owners were also invited to participate in a separate workshop that focused on issues and challenges related to establishing, growing and maintaining a business in Lansing.

 How Do I Get Involved?

To be engaged and a part of the process,  click here to be taken to the new online portal of information.  Click here to read the completed plan.

This planning process took approximately twelve months, and resulted in a Comprehensive Plan that will serve as a foundation for decision-making for years to come. The planning process helped to foster a stewardship for the community and addressed quality of life issues for all residents. We look forward to your participation in the months ahead as the Village undertakes this important and exciting initiative. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Economic Development for the Village of Lansing at (708) 895-7174 or send an email to

 What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan serves as a Village’s official guide for land use, physical improvement and development. The Comprehensive Plan provides a foundation for decision-making based on community consensus, community vision, existing conditions and future potentials. The Plan serves as a “road map” for 10 to 15 years into the future by guiding policy decisions and helping the community achieve its long-term objectives.  The Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Lansing will address many issues including, land use and development, transportation and circulation, community facilities, infrastructure, environmental features and open space, community character and urban design.  The Comprehensive Plan will provide community-wide plans for land use & development, transportation and mobility, open space and environmental features, community facilities and infrastructure, image, identify and community character and sustainability.   In addition to the community-wide plans, the Comprehensive Plan will also provide more detailed plans for several key areas in the community, including the Torrence Avenue Corridor, Downtown, and the area surrounding the Lansing Municipal Airport.