The community calendar exists to facilitate orderly and timely planning of community-wide events by displaying exact dates and times on a public access platform. Also, the items from here are often used on the Village Marquee which is an excellent way to spread the word about your event.  The Village Marquee is along Ridge Road and the amount of drivers who will see the information will far outweigh word of mouth. 


- To raise awareness of activities in the Village of Lansing
- To avoid overlapping scheduling of events
- To foster communication and cooperation among organizations planning community-wide events


- A community-wide event is an event open to the public wherein funds and/or outcomes benefit the community. 

- A specific email address will provide a “place” to send notifications:

Send an email to in order to alert our staff about the event :

Type of Event:
Date of Event:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
Contact Website (if applicable):
Do you want a sign up form?:
Cost of Event:
Location of Event:

Anyone who submits information to the Community Events Calendar is responsible for the content and accuracy of his or her submission(s). If inappropriate material is submitted, a calendar administrator will contact the submitter to discuss the problem and ask that the information be edited. If the submitter does not comply with this request, his or her submittal privileges may be terminated and the information may not be posted to the Community Events Calendar.