recycle logo To help protect the environment, a state law effective January 1, 2012, bans the disposal of electronic waste into landfills and requires that it be recycled.

This means that if you place electronic items with your garbage for pickup, they will not be collected by your refuse hauler.

These items include:

  • Computers (including tablets), monitors, printers and keyboards
  • TVs, VCRs, DVRs and digital video disc players
  • Computer mice, small scale servers and scanners
  • Fax machines
  • Portable digital music players (iPods, MP3 players)
  • Digital converter boxes, cable receivers and satellite receivers
  • Game consoles (Playstations, Xbox, etc.)
For full list of Recyclable items click here.

These products contain hazardous materials and are harmful to the environment if not properly discarded and recycled. Residents must now locate responsible recyclers for disposal of these Items. How Do I Dispose of E-Waste? There are several options to recycle your unwanted electronics. Before dropping off items, call the recycler to confirm collection times, what is accepted and if there is a disposal fee. 

For Recycling Guidelines click here.

*Lansing Public Works no longer accepts items for recycling*

Paint Disposal

Here is a link to ways of disposing paint: Click Here.

For more information on the e-waste law and a complete list of registered recyclers, collectors and refurbishers, visit the 
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or call 800-782-7860.

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