The Village of Lansing is now providing ID Cards for current staff. We understand that the the public relies on village officials for protection and law enforcement, and they expect them to be able to positively identify themselves whenever necessary. The daily activities of our Village employees require them to confirm their identity and qualifications on a regular basis, both with other government employees and with citizens. In addition to the traditional badge, a secure, fraud-resistant photo ID has become indispensable. This applies not just to police and fire fighters, but to the wide range of individuals we rely upon every day to guarantee our security. Public safety is very important to the the Village of Lansing and these badges will become available starting in May. 

The Village of Lansing is instituting ID Cards for all Village employees. The ID cards are intended to enhance the security of residents and business owners. For example, if a Public Works employee needs access to your home or property, you can verify that they are indeed a Village employee and not someone posing as an employee. 

All Village employees will be required to carry their ID cards with them at all times for identification purposes.  This provides an added level of security to our residents and enhances the policy of transparency being embraced by Village officials.