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Oct 24, 2013

Village Institutes New Toter Program

The Village of Lansing is pleased to announce improvements to our refuse collection services.  The new program will improve efficiency by simplifying the collection of refuse, recycling and yard waste as well as dramatically improving the aesthetics of our streets and alleys. Effective immediately, each Lansing single-family residence will be provided with three (3) new refuse toters.  These toters will take the place of your garbage cans, yard waste cans, and your recycling bins. If you do not have alley access and will be receiving curbside pickup, place your toters within 4 feet of the curb and clear of surrounding obstructions. The end of the toter where the lid opens should face the curb and the handle should be facing away from the curb. Toters should be at least 2 feet apart from each other. If you have alley access, place toters alongside the alley and not on the side of a garage. 



Q: Will there be any change to my garbage collection day or times?

A: No. You should not experience any change in your pickup day or your collection location (curb or alley), other than bi-weekly recycling collection.  Please put your toters out by 6:30 a.m. the day of your refuse pickup and bring them in no later than 6:00 p.m. that night. 


Q: When should I start using my yard waste toter?

A: The first pickup will begin the week of November 4th. Your Recycle and Garbage Only toters will be delivered in the next few weeks, for use to begin the week of November 25th. 

Q: Where do I place the toters on my garbage pickup day?

A: The toters should be placed in the same place as you have been putting your Garbage, Yard Waste and Recycling cans. To clarify, if you have an alley, your garbage and yard waste should be placed on your property near the alley. However, if you have a parkway, it should be placed there or at the end of your driveway, but not in the street. The Recycling toters should be placed where they have before as well, but not on the street. The wheels must be on the house side.


Q: How much will this improved service cost?

A: The toter program will only be an additional $4.75/month, which is only an additional $57/year. This includes all three toters and the new pickup program by Homewood Disposal. Garbage rates normally increase each January 1 by 3%. However, under this new program, rates will not change until June 1st of 2015.


Q: Why are there larger toters for recycling/yard waste and smaller ones for garbage?

A: Approximately two-thirds of all waste entering landfills could be recycled. The Village of Lansing would like to encourage all residents to recycle! Please help us save our valuable landfill space and keep future costs down by doing your part! All recycling items may be mixed together in the toter with the YELLOW lid.  All recycling should continue to be put at the curb; however it will now be collected every OTHER week.

Q: If I have a lawn service and/or I don’t generate any yard waste, because I mulch, do I have to keep the yard waste toter?

A: No. Simply call Public Works at (708) 895-7190 and they will pick it up.


Q: How will leaves and yard waste be picked up?

A: Your leaves will now be picked up by Homewood Disposal Company with your yard waste in the provided toter from April 1st through November 30th ONLY.  All leaves should be put in your toter with the GREEN lid or brown paper yard waste bags.  If you would like to rent additional toters for your leaves or yard waste, please contact the Village of Lansing Public Works Department at 708-895-7190.  Please note:  The Toter Program replaces vacuuming leaves at the curb. (See the section “Benefits of the Toters.”)


Q: Since recycling will now be picked up every two weeks, how will I know which week to put my recycle toter at the curb?

A: You have two choices: you can either visit the Village website for a map and schedule to determine the correct week, or you may simply put the recycle toter at the curb and determine your schedule by whether or not it gets picked up.


Q: What should I do with my existing garbage cans?

A: If in good shape, residents may want to use them for additional storage around the home. However, if they are in poor shape, they should be put out with your regular garbage and they will be picked up. They should be placed upside down and next to your trash on normal trash days so that they can be disposed of.

Q: What should I do with my existing blue recycle bin?

A: The Village of Lansing blue recycling bins can be used around your home as you wish, otherwise they can be recycled by placing it in your new recycling toter.

Q: What should I do if I have rented toters already through Homewood Disposal?

A: Those toters should be emptied and placed at the curb on your regular garbage day. Those toters will be picked up by Homewood Disposal and a pro-rated refund check will be sent to you.


Q: What if I want additional toters?

A: Additional toters can be ordered through the Public Works Department at a cost of only $12/per year, which is a substantial savings from the $30 per year charge residents have been paying for toters from Homewood Disposal.


Q: Whose property are the toters?

A: The toters are the property of the Village of Lansing.


Q: Can I put my address on my toter?

A: No. Spray painting or writing your address on the toters is prohibited, as that will detract from the uniformity the Village is trying to accomplish. Every toter will be embossed with a Serial Number on it that is attached to each address it was delivered to. 

Q: Who do I contact if my toters need repair?

A: Each resident should contact Homewood Disposal (708) 798-1004 to repair/replace toters as needed.

Q: Will the Village of Lansing still provide Chipper Service?

A: The Village of Lansing Public Works Department will continue to provide chipper service for our residents.  The chipper will pick up your large branches on the same day that your refuse is collected; however, your branches must be placed on your front parkway ONLY.  (Chipper service will no longer take place in alleys.)

Twigs may be placed in your yard waster toter. Small bundles of branches, no more than 4 feet in length may be put out next to your yard waste toter and Homewood Disposal will pick them up.


Q: What should I do with my Christmas trees?

A: Christmas trees will be picked up by Homewood Disposal Company and may be set out in their entirety during the month of January.  All lights, decorations and tree stands must be removed.

 Q: How do I dispose of electronics and batteries?

A: Please visit the Village of Lansing website ( for information on the proper way to dispose of such items.      

Q: Can I dispose of pumpkins in my new yard waste toters?

A: Yes. Pumpkins can be disposed of in the yard waste toters.  




Benefits of the Toters




  • Street drains will no longer be susceptible to blockage due to leaves being raked to the curb. Therefore, less street flooding will occur which causes backups in the storm drains and eventually in people’s homes.

Safety Improvements

  • Leaf piles will be a thing of the past and will no longer be a hiding place for children as they play. Now unsuspecting drivers will no longer have to worry about kids being in leaf piles by the curb. Click here to read about a recent incident. 
  • As all of the toters are on wheels, residents whose current garbage cans do not have wheels will eliminate the risk of picking up and carrying the heavy load, particularly senior citizens.  Residents will have the choice of the standard 95 gallon toters, or the more compact 65 gallon version.
  • The toters will eliminate the chance of fire due to vehicles parking on top of leaves. Fires such as this result when the hot exhaust system components come in contact with the dry leaves. Click here to read a story of this happening in Naperville last year.
  • NapervilleFireSUV

Health Benefits

  • The toters will alleviate the dust and air pollution caused by the leaf vacs.  Residents with asthma and allergies frequently express concern due to the effects of the dust cloud caused by the leaf vacs.

Quality of Life

  • Toters are much more aesthetically pleasing and uniform than miscellaneous dented and cracked garbage cans, plastic bags, piles of leaves, yard waste bags, and overflowing recycle bins.
  • Toters will eliminate the frequent problem of recycled goods and general household garbage blowing throughout the streets and into neighbor’s yards.
  • Lansing has a high critter population, due to its proximity to forest preserves and wooded areas. Open garbage cans and plastic bags are an invitation to these animals who tear bags open and leave trash strewn about. Toters, while not animal proof, dramatically reduce this problem.  The new garbage toters are safer, cleaner and have attached lids which detract animals from getting into them. If raccoons and other animals are active in your area, you may wish to place a brick or similar object on the lid of the Garbage Only toter. Additional suggestions are available on our website.
  • Specifically regarding leaves and yard waste:

    • The toters will eliminate the noise pollution caused by the leaf vacs.  Residents with young children napping and those who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day, are routinely disturbed by the noisy machines.


    • The toters will eliminate the frequent complaints regarding cars and home windows being covered with leaf dust.


    • Leaves will be picked up regardless of weather.  Under the current program, rain, snow, ice, or extreme cold prevent leaves from being vacuumed. 


    • Leaves will be consistently picked up on the regularly scheduled garbage day. Leaf vac pickup is frequently delayed due to routes being heavy and /or the downtime to dump and repair the machines.  This caused daily routes to get pushed back.


    • When leaves are left on the parkway due to delays in the pick-up program, many residents complained of how the grass under the leaves died out.  Toters will eliminate this problem.


    • The toters will eliminate raked leaves from blowing back into yards and throughout the streets. 


    • Residents will no longer have to move their cars or avoid parking on the street in order to have their leaves picked up. 


    • Areas with limited available parking really suffer during leaf pick-up, as the number of available spaces is further reduced.  Toters will dramatically reduce this problem.


    • Toters have the capacity to hold the equivalent of 5 – 7 yard waste bags of un-mulched  leaves, depending on how tightly they are compressed.  If leaves are mulched first, that number more than doubles.


    • Leaves will no longer have to be separated from other yard waste.


    • The yard waste toter may be used during the Spring, Summer, and Fall for leaves, clippings, weeds, twigs, and leaves.


    • The toters will eliminate the confusion and frustration of yard waste pickup changes, as regular yard-waste pickup ends and leaf vac pickup begins.  

    Have A LOT of Leaves?

    • Try composting leaves in your yard, in a compost bin, or mulching them into your flower beds or gardens. 
    • Rather than a chore to be conquered all at once, gather enough leaves each week just to fill the container(s).
    • Temporarily store extra leaves in your yard, in a pile, or in a large sturdy container and feed them into your yard waste container each week.

    You'll be shocked at how many leaves you can fit into a single toter, especially if you mulch them first.


    A single 96 gallon toter can handle as many leaves as 7 paper bags or (5-7) 32 gallon cans full of leaves - depending on whether you mulch them first or how much you compress them.

     Additional Yard Waste toters are available for only $12/yr.