Lansing Police Department Honors Retiree & Promotes Three Officers

The Village of Lansing Police Department recently made some changes in personnel as it wished a happy retirement to one officer and promoted three others. Here is a brief bio on each officer:

Retired Deputy Chief Pete Grutzius

Pete joined LPD in 1990 and has served in many roles throughout his career which include police officer/paramedic, detective, patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, Commander, and Deputy Chief of Police of Field Services, and Deputy Chief of Police of Support Services.  He has functioned as a Field Training officer, Rapid Response Instructor, Range / Rifle Officer, Juvenile Officer, Crime Scene Technician and Public Information officer.   Pete also was instrumental in the forming of the Lansing Emergency Response Unit and was a trainer for many classes held at the department.  Pete is a graduate of the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command, the FBI National Academy, and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  Before his retirement Pete was in charge of the Support Services portion of the department and oversaw many projects which included the purchase of new rifles and handguns for the department, the acquisition of a UTV police vehicle, as well as budget preparation.   One of Pete’s biggest contributions to the department was in his role as a Lansing Police Cadet Coordinator.  For over 20 years Pete served in this role to instruct and mentor young adults who wished to learn and become police officers.

Deputy Chief Steve Roberts

Steve joined LPD in 1995 and has held many duties and responsibilities in his career which include patrol officer/paramedic, DEA Task Force officer, Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, and Detective Lieutenant.  He has functioned as a Field Training officer, Range Officer, Bicyclist Officer, Public Information officer, as well as a grant writing specialist for the department.  Steve has attended the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  Steve also was responsible for the recent authoring of the U.S. Dept. of Justice COPS grant which will yield three new police officers being added to the department this year.

Lieutenant Greg Schoon

Greg joined LPD in 1997 and has held the duties of patrol officer / paramedic, tactical officer, patrol sergeant, and Detective Sergeant.  Greg has functioned as a Field training officer and Range / Rifle Instructor.  Greg currently oversees the Detective Division and is one of the Public Information Officers for the department.  He also is the coordinator of the department program that monitors sex offenders, as well as a property and evidence custodian for the department.

Sergeant Mike Lazowski

Mike also joined LPD in 1997 and has served as a patrol officer / paramedic for the past several years as the department’s tactical officer.   Mike has been a K-9 officer, Range/Rifle Instructor, and a Rapid Response Instructor for the department.  He currently is a member of the Lansing Emergency Response Team, as well as the South Suburban Emergency Response Team. 

The Village of Lansing sincerely thanks Deputy Chief Grutzius for his dedication and commitment to the Lansing Police Department and wishes the best of luck to the newly promoted officers in their new roles.