Most Efficient Way To Obtain Lansing 2019/20 Vehicle and Pet Stickers


The Village of Lansing Finance Department wants to remind Lansing residents that the QUICKEST AND MOST EFFICIENT WAY to obtain 2019/20 Village vehicle and pet stickers is through the direct mail-in option or the new online ordering system.

MAIL-IN – Residents should mail applications and check in the envelope received with your application. The return envelope is addressed to a Carol Stream address, but will still lead to your sticker(s) being mailed directly to your home. You may write one check for all vehicles and pets being submitted. Please do not include your water payment or any other payment with your sticker applications.

ONLINE – Residents are also encouraged to purchase stickers and tags online at for any vehicle that you received an application for or to add any new vehicle or pet. There are NO EXTRA FEES as the Village is absorbing additional costs connected with the online purchase. This online purchasing option is not available to residents who are claiming a first-time senior discount or any other new discount.

Take advantage today...

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