5/31/20 - Village Of Lansing To Stream June Village Board Meetings

Residents and other members of the public can remotely view the June 16th Village of Lansing Board meeting by going online to the YouTube link provided for a live stream of the proceedings beginning at 7 p.m.

Public comment can be made by emailing during the time the meeting is in session. Only emails received during that time will be read into the record and included in the official minutes. Emails outside the actual meeting session time will be evaluated by Village staff and answered (if necessary) on a case-by-case basis. Those interested in making public comment should include their name in the email but are not required to give an address unless they choose to do so.

For link to live stream of June 16th meeting, click here.

For Village Board Meeting Agenda of June 16th, click here.

For Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda for June 16th, click here.