9-1-1 Center/Telecommunications


The Lansing Police Department 9-1-1 center is responsible for both emergency and non-emergency Police, Fire and EMS requests for the Village of Lansing. The 9-1-1 center also handles animal control requests, as well as after hour Public Works emergencies. The personnel who staff the center 24 hours a day are also responsible for maintaining information with local, state and national computer information systems, and handling front window interactions with the public at the Police Station. The center is equipped with state of the art technology including computerized telephone equipment, radio equipment and computerized dispatch system.

When calling the Lansing Police Department, please remember that the location of your emergency or where you may need assistance is the most important piece of information we need. If you accidently dial 9-1-1 please do not hang up, stay on the line and advise the Telecommunicator that it was a misdial. The Telecommunicator will ask some questions to verify that the information is correct in the 9-1-1 system. If you hang up, and we are unable to call you back, we must send a Police Officer to check and make sure that everything is ok.

A question that is often asked is: “Why is the person on the phone asking me so many questions, just send someone”. The Telecommunicators who answer the phone are highly trained and complete a questioning process not only to ensure that the proper response is generated, but to update responders with changing information.