The Village of Lansing Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of 2006 International Building Codes, 2015 Property Maintenance Codes and Lansing Ordinances. 

The codes and ordinances govern the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings and property in the village. The Property Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring all residences and properties in Lansing are maintained.

Four property maintenance Inspectors investigate a wide variety of complaints  and issue violation notices where necessary. Permits and contractors registration are issued by the department.

Any questions regarding permits can be directed to the staff.

The department also provides Health Inspections.


As required by Village of Lansing ordinance Sec.46-136 any structure which has been vacant for a period of 120 days or more must be inspected before it can be occupied. This includes both residential and commercial structures. Vacant shall be defined as lacking habitual presence of human beings who have a legal right to be on the premises or substantially devoid of content. These inspections are conducted to determine the current condition of the structure, the heating and cooling units, water heating units, electrical and plumbing systems, if any non-conforming rooms or other conditions exist in the structure and review the current zoning classification.

The village will perform these inspections at the request of the current owner of the structure. A written report on the findings of the inspectors will be issued to the property owner. A fee determined by the village clerk will be required to be paid before the inspection is conducted. Any persons occupying a structure which meets the above 120 day vacancy period without first obtaining a new certificate of occupancy and required inspection is subject to fines and or removal from the structure.

All repairs or alterations required after inspection must be performed by qualified licensed, bonded and insured individuals. Property owners may perform certain work themselves once proof of a current valid insurance policy for the structure is provided to the Village of Lansing. Such work is listed in the 2015 International Building Code section R105, minus certain exceptions as listed and adopted by the Village of Lansing.

Permits are required for certain work and must be obtained before work begins. Fees will be doubled for any work which begins before a permit is acquired. No work may begin on any structure unless there are working toilet facilities on site at all times for the duration of the work. Substantial amounts of construction debris will not be hauled away by the Village of Lansing. The building commissioner or director of public works will determine if a private dumpster is required to be placed by the owner of the property.