Welcome to the Information Technology Department.  The department is responsible for the technology used throughout the Village of Lansing facilities and vehicles.  Services include phone, networking, wireless communications, information services, backup & disaster recovery, and other technology.

The Department implements technology based solutions to support governmental business functions for all Village of Lansing operating departments, Village officials and Village commissions. It provides the technology infrastructure for the Municipal Center, Lansing Police Department, the Public Works facility, the three (3) wastewater plants, the three (3) fire stations, the Patti Leach Youth Center, and the Lansing Municipal Airport. The department provides the following services to support the technology infrastructure: telecommunications; LAN/WAN networking; e-mail and web access; desktop, laptop, personal data assistant , server and iSeries operating system software and equipment support; desktop application support; web, client/server and iSeries application development and maintenance; Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions; project management and troubleshooting of all services through the HelpDesk.

The Information Technology Department also proactively manages the procurement of computing software, equipment, peripherals and their associated licenses and maintenance contracts to ensure the currency and integrity of the technology infrastructure. Moreover, the department (by working with the other operating departments of the Village of Lansing, vendors and consultants) develops and tests plans for disaster recovery and business resumption.

The Information Technology Department is organized functionally into Administration, Desktop and Networking Services, Application Services, and GIS Services. However, department members cross functions as needed to provide integrated support and to ensure adequate back up.

If you have any questions in regards to this department, please fill out a request form on our website and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Fabian Hi RezSmall
Fabian Newman
Information Technology Director