Lansing Rental Housing Program

The Lansing Rental Housing Program is a crime prevention program designed to help residents, landlords, managers of residential rental properties, and the police keep drugs and other illegal activity out of residential rental properties. All landlords with rental property in the Village of Lansing are required to attend training that provides information on valuable strategies for managing rental properties. The Police Department hosts these classes four to five times a year, depending on the amount of landlords who need to attend the class. The success of this program hinges on the cooperative efforts of residents, landlords, building managers and the Building and Police Departments within the village.

If you are a landlord or would like would like more information about the Lansing Rental Housing Program, please contact Rental inspector Russ Staley at (708) 895-7210.

Please contact the Lansing Building Department at (708) 895-7193 to register for an upcoming class. Classes are held four (4) times a year at the Lansing Police Department.

Click here to download the Crime Free Lease Addendum.
Click here to view the Lansing Rental Housing Program Ordinance.

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