What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch consists of neighbors who are committed to maintaining the safety and quality of life on their residential block. The Neighborhood Watch program counts on citizens to organize themselves, work with the Lansing Police Department through a Neighborhood Police Liaison, and keep a trained eye on their neighborhood. It is through that persistent presence that criminals are deterred or not given the opportunity to commit a crime. Participants also have the opportunity to communicate their safety and quality of life concerns to the assigned Liaison’s, who may be able to help resolve emerging neighborhood problems.

Why Neighborhood Watch? 

The Lansing Police Department has long supported the notion that involved residents who work in conjunction with the police are the most successful in reducing crime. In Lansing, Neighborhood Watch groups work with their respective “beat officers” to prevent crime and maintain security in their individual neighborhoods.

What does a Neighborhood Liaison do? 

Each Neighborhood Watch will be responsible for selecting a “Neighborhood Police Liaison” who will be responsible for coordinating the group. The Liaison will:

  • Keep the contact information current for the neighborhood. Communicate with the Lansing PD about crime trends or problems.
  • Communicate Crime Alert information to the group. 
  • Hold meetings to discuss neighborhood issues (frequency decided by group).

Neighborhood watch resources? 
Beat Officers: Officers are assigned to patrol specific beats so that they become familiar with the neighborhood and issues that can come up in that area. 
Crime Prevention Specialist: A Crime Prevention Specialist will help organize and maintain the Neighborhood Watch. 
Timely Crime Alert Information: Timely crime information around the 
neighborhood will be provided, including alerts.

Below is a map of Lansing with each Beat broken up.

2021 Beat Map

Coordinator: Sergeant Weeden/ E-mail:

Beat 1 Team Leader: Lieutenant Klausner/ E-mail:

Beat 2 Team Leader: Lieutenant Hoving / E-mail:

Beat 3 Team Leader: Lieutenant Hynek / E-mail:

Beat 4 Team Leader: Lieutenant Schoon/ E-mail:

For the 2022 Neighborhood Watch Meeting Schedule click here.