The Finance Department is responsible to the Mayor and Village Board for the sound fiscal management
and integrity of the accounting system in the administration, development and monitoring of the operating
and capital budgets. The Finance Department represents the financial backbone of the Village operations.
Virtually everything the Village does involves the Finance Department at some point in time.

The department is also here to assist the public and citizen groups with information requests and to
make recommendations to the Village Administrator, Mayor and Village Board on financial and
budgetary policies.

Administrative Support Services
The Finance Department provides administrative support services to other Village departments in
the following areas:

* Accounting - Collection of Village funds; investing Village funds; maintaining financial records of
transactions; safeguarding Village assets; developing and maintaining sound financial management
information systems, policies and practices; budget preparation and administration; grant administration
and oversight; accounts payable processing; payroll processing and administration and oversight of locally
imposed taxes and fees

* Annual reports - Budgets; comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs or annual audit); annual financial
reports (AFR); tax increment financing (TIF) reporting and the annual Treasurer's Report

* Customer service - overseeing electronic funds transfers.

* Debt administration - Providing for the timely payment of Village’s outstanding bonds; preparation of information
and reporting required for bond rating firms; preparation and filing of required debt disclosures

* Reporting - Monthly reporting to the Village Board, Lansing Public Library and Lansing Police and Fire Pension Fund.

The Village Treasurer is also the custodian for the assets of the Lansing Police and Fire Pension Fund. In this role,
the Finance Department processes all payments for the fund, maintains record of all financial transactions and prepares all required financial reporting.

Promoting Open Communication

The Village of Lansing is committed to providing open communication about its financial spending and outlook with the general public.  Having an open fiscal process not only helps maintain a level of trust with our citizens, it also allows residents to be involved in their local government.