The Village participates in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF), which provides retirement and related benefits to eligible Village employees.  Public Act 101-0504, approved by the Illinois General Assembly in 2019, requires IMRF to post certain employer cost and participation information on its website.

On July 1, 2020, the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) began posting information on their website regarding municipalities’ participation in IMRF. This information includes, but is not limited to, resolutions adopted by a municipality to participate in IMRF on or after January 1, 1995, as well as all documents pertaining to each municipality’s annual projected future contributions and past-required contributions.

P.A. 101-0504 requires that municipalities, which participate in IMRF and have a website, provide a link to IMRF’s “Employer Cost & Participant Information” webpage (available via this link). IML encourages participating municipalities that have a website to add this link to their municipal website as soon as possible, and prior to the January 1, 2021, posting requirement.