LNN Channel 4


The mission of the Lansing Neighborhood Network (Channel 4) is to provide the technical resources and support needed for the residents of Lansing to inform each other and be informed about people and events in their neighborhood. 
It is our belief that the more the people of the neighborhood know their neighbors and what is happening in the their community, the better will be the quality of that neighborhood.
LNN provides professionally produced community-based audiovisual programs, production resources and training for residents with the desire and ability to create community-based audio visual programming, an up to date calendar of neighborhood events and issues, and a 24 hour cable access channel available to any cable subscriber in the Village. 

LNN Channel 4 is dedicated to providing community access to the television airwaves in the Village of Lansing and surrounding viewing area for the distribution of community originated programs both featuring community dialogue, entertainment and individual self-expression through television, the Internet, and other electronic media.


The Village of Lansing is committed to keeping the public informed and educated about local government, programs, services, and events in the community. Administered through the Village Manager's Office, LNN Channel 4 welcomes programming and announcements from the taxing bodies/government agencies that serve the Village of Lansing and the neighboring communities. 

The Village reserves the right to review all programs, proposed and/or completed, to determine compliance with FCC programming regulations, channel purpose, objectives, priorities, restrictions, and access policy.


The Village of Lansing’s own television channel is available to anyone in Lansing who has access to cable TV or the Internet.  Originally dubbed Lansing’s Neighborhood Network (LNN), the Channel 4 logo was added when Comcast’s channel 4 became the primary village access channel. 

Since those early days, many village residents have chosen other carriers for their television viewing.  
No problem! You can still receive LNN-TV, Channel 4!  

Here is how you can view the up-to-date programs, announcements, bulletins, community calendar, and news flashes of  LNN-TV (Channel 4): 

Comcast cable subscribers.  Just flip to Channel 4! 

If you subscribe to AT&T U-verse, navigate to the "government channels” and choose Lansing - LNN-TV, Channel 4. The list of government channels is on Channel 99.

Is Direct TV your service?  Another provider?  You only watch broadcast TV over the air?   You can still access LNN-TV programs directly over the Internet! 

Just take these steps:

Access the Internet via your computer, smart phone, or home network. 

Click here to be taken to the Village's LNN Channel on You Tube

If you are interested in video streaming or access to actual program archives, go to and click on the Video link. 

Download speeds in most Lansing households provide a high quality view of local programs.  

So, don’t miss any of the daily or weekly programs on your Lansing Neighborhood Network.  Wherever you are, come join us!