Lawn Irrigation Form

The Village of Lansing has now made available on our site a form for residents that will not be using or have had removed their lawn irrigation.

Therefore they will not be submitting RPZ (backflow device) testing results. This form would be printed and filled out by them and sent via fax, email or mail to our supplier. BSI is our contracted RPZ monitoring company. 

If a resident  asks for the form to submit because they will not be using or has had their lawn irrigation system removed, please give them the  attached forms to fill out.  If for any reason they are not having it tested they must complete this form. 

If a resident has a special situation at the property, i.e.; vacant, water off, business closed, etc.: they must still submit the attached form accepting responsibility for any mishaps.

If a resident no longer resides at the property that is required to have testing peformed they should notify BSI in writing. 

The Village will not assume the responsible for any issues that may arise from residents not testing their back flow device.  After completing the form residents should submit it to BSI (Backflow Solutions, Inc.).  Residents may fax it, mail it or email it to the address at the top of the form. 

Click here to fill out form.