Snow Removal



The Public Works Department salts and plows the Village streets. As plows clear the streets, they push the snow toward the curb. Inevitably, the snow will be pushed in front of driveway entrances. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this. Each resident must assume responsibility for clearing enough of this snow to allow them to get in and out of their driveway.

Residents who are incapable of removing this snow themselves or who do not care to do so may choose to hire a teen or plow service to assist them. 


The highest priority of the Public Works plow drivers must be to make the streets as safe as possible for vehicle traffic and particularly for the passage of emergency vehicles in the event they need to get to your house.

There are 94 miles of streets in the Village of Lansing that the plows must keep clear and salted. While we regret any inconvenience, we trust that you understand.