Tree / Branch Pick Up


If you have branches during the winter months (November through March), please call the Public Works Department and we will add your address to list for pickup.  On April 1st, the chipper will resume running the same route as the garbage trucks.  Thank you for your cooperation.

As time and weather permit, Public Works will circulate throughout the Village to pick up branches no bigger than a 4"diameter with their wood chipper. Please stack branches neatly with the cut end to the road. This service is meant as a pruning/storm damage service. For entire tree removal, please contact a tree removal service. The Village will not pick up branches from an entire tree.

The Village of Lansing Public Works Department will continue to provide chipper service for our residents.  The chipper will pick up your large branches on the same day that your refuse is collected; however, your branches must be placed on your front parkway ONLY.  (Chipper service will no longer take place in alleys.)

Twigs may be placed in your yard waster toter. Small bundles of branches, no more than 4 feet in length may be put out next to your yard waste toter and Homewood Disposal will pick them up.


Christmas trees will be picked up by Homewood Disposal Company and may be set out in their entirety during the month of January.  All lights, decorations and tree stands must be removed.