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The Lansing Police Department has partnered with Ring, and joined the Neighbors Community.

The free Neighbors App connects neighbors and provides a space to exchange information on suspicious activities, crimes, and other alerts in your direct neighborhood. Residents do not need a camera to sign up for the app, and they are anonymous when using it. The Lansing Police Department uses the app to request video from homes near a crime or suspicious activity and to push out alerts to users.

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How does the Neighbors App work with Law Enforcement?

Neighbors partners with local law enforcement so they can share official, important crime and safety updates and work together with their local community to build trust and make neighborhoods safer. We are proud to have partnerships with many law enforcement agencies across the country. When new law enforcement agencies come on board, we announce the partnership in-app via a regional announcement so users are aware. We’ve also taken care to design these partnerships in a way that keeps users in control.

When using Neighbors, law enforcement see the same interface that all users see; the content is the same, the exact locations of posts are obfuscated, and the user’s personal identity is not displayed. There are two key differences, though: 1) law enforcement can view public posts from within their jurisdiction (instead of just their ‘neighborhood’) and 2) law enforcement posts are identified so users can clearly see that they are the source of the content. This means that posts or comments made by law enforcement are clearly marked with their official title and name.

Law enforcement can only view the publicly available content in the Neighbors App, unless a user explicitly and voluntarily chooses to share their own recordings with law enforcement. Exact locations of devices and user information are never provided to law enforcement without a user’s express permission or a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us.

Law enforcement can request information from users within their jurisdiction (Ring sends the official request to users). Law enforcement must reference a relevant case number in order to make a request within a specific, limited time range and area. Ring will then ask a targeted group of users in that area if they are willing to share any relevant footage with law enforcement. It’s then up to the user to share their video file(s) or decline the request. Users can also opt out of all future requests by law enforcement. Again, Ring will not release user information without a user’s express permission or a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us.

Do I need a Ring device to use the Neighbors App?

No. Anyone with a compatible iOS or Android device can download and use the Neighbors App for free to help reduce local crime.

Where can I download the Neighbors App?

The Neighbors App is free to download at the App Store or Google Play.