Lansing Police Canine Unit


The modern Lansing Police Canine Unit was founded in the fall of 1992. It consisted of three dogs trained in patrol and drug work. Two of the dogs "Duke" and "Prince" were German shepherds and one "Vilson" was a Belgian Malinois.

Since the inception of the unit, the canine teams have been responsible for the seizure of millions of dollars worth of money drugs, guns, and vehicles, the largest of which was $5.2 million in cash.

The dogs have been involved in numerous criminal apprehensions, locating evidence, and the control of many suspects and crowds through the use of the dogs as a deterrent to aggressive actions.

After their initial academy training, Lansing Police Canine Units train on a regular basis, and certify yearly in both drug and patrol work.

The dogs are trained in locating the odors of drugs, tracking, area searches, patrol work, and criminal apprehension. They have been used not only to work with Lansing PD but to assist local, county, state and federal agencies.

Currently, there is one canine team in the agency; Officer Keith Haan and his partner Rico a Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands.

Lansing Police Department canine teams regularly provide demonstrations to schools, social clubs, and churches. If you are interested in a demonstration contact Sgt. Lazowski at 708-895-7150 or email

Previous Canine teams which have completed tours of duty and current canine teams include:

Tony Perovich       Duke                   Cheryl Dohl           Vilson & Skilos Dan Sylvester        Prince 
Nick Pritza Omega Jay Klausner  Ronnie & Yaekae        Joe Pomilia  Moose 
Mike Lazowski Maverick