The Lansing Police Departments Criminal Investigations Division’s (CID) mission is to effectively and efficiently investigate crimes in Lansing, to improve the lives of innocent citizens, and to promote a safer community.

About Us
The Criminal Investigations Division of the Lansing Police Department consists of both Detectives and Tactical Officers. These divisions are supervised by Detective Lieutenant Steve Roberts and Detective Sergeant Greg Schoon.

There are currently five detectives in the Investigations Division. Detectives are primarily responsible for criminal and juvenile investigations, criminal intelligence, vice and organized crime.  Detectives also conduct background investigations on potential employees. All Detectives are cross trained as certified Juvenile Officers.  One Detective also serves as our School Resource Officer (SRO).  This detective handles most police matters as it relates to the schools and acts as a liaison between the Lansing Police Department and the schools within the Village of Lansing.  One Detective closely monitors registered sex offenders who resides and/or works within the Village of Lansing.

Tactical Officers are responsible for addressing specifically assigned community problem issues. Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to: drug interdiction, traffic enforcement, gangs, criminal offenses, surveillance operations, developing informants, preparation and execution of search warrants. 

The Lansing Police Department’s Investigations Division also belongs to the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force and the South Suburban Emergency Response Team.  The division also has one officer that is a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) participant. 

General Information
CID supervisor(s) will review and determine the need for investigative follow-up through case screening. Screening will be based upon solvability factors, manpower, resources, and the probability of successful case resolution.

CID supervisors are also responsible for media relations, property and evidence, and internal affairs.

Personal property taken as a result of an arrest and being held at the Lansing Police Department can be released at any time by contacting the on-duty Shift Commander.

Evidence or other property held by the Lansing Police Department will be released (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm by contacting one of the CID Supervisors. The release of property after hours will require making prior arrangements with a CID Supervisor.

Contact Information

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If you wish to report illegal drug activity on the anonymous tip line, please contact the Tactical Unit at 708-895-7105.