The Village of Lansing operates under the Board-Administrator form of government. This combines the leadership and policy-making of elected officials with the professional administrative training and experience of a Village Administrator.

The Village President appoints the Village Administrator, with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees, to serve as the chief administrative officer, responsible for managing daily operations and providing leadership and direction to all Village departments.  The Administrator reports directly to the Village President.

Under this popular form of government, the elected representatives establish policies that steer the Village's purpose, values, mission, and goals.  The Administrator is charged with the implementation of these policies, in an efficient and effective manner.

In addition to overseeing and coordinating the Village's day-to-day operations and the activities of all Village Departments, the Village Administrator’s Office is responsible for communications, the preparation and administration of the annual budget, human resource and employee benefits administration, Village board and committee meeting agendas, labor relations and collective bargaining agreements, contract management, risk management and claims management, computer network administration, utility and cable franchise agreements, intergovernmental relations, community outreach, special events/programs, and providing direction and support to various boards, commissions, and committees.

The Village President and Board of Trustees establish the policies guiding the Village’s purpose, vision and goals. It is the role of the Village Administrator to implement those policies in the most efficient and effective manner. The mission of the Village Administrator is to deliver high quality services through leadership, professionalism, innovation, adaptability and accountability.


Dan Podgorski
Village Administrator