1. Follow directions given by staff.
  2. Respect the staff, others, equipment, and the building.
  3. Sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.
  4. Must have ID to enter, $1 forgotten card fee, $5 replacement card fee.
  5. Youth may not ask/beg other youth or staff members for money.
  6. Wait inside for a ride. No loitering outside the Youth Center.
  7. Youth must be picked up 10 minutes before the Youth Center closes. 
  8. Once you leave you may not return the same night. No re-entry.
  9. No bullying.
  10. Use appropriate language and gestures. No profanity, obscene gestures, racial slurs or gang signs.
  11. No throwing of any objects.
  12. Dress Code: Shoes must be worn at all times, appropriate shirts (waist length and straps required), no sagging or underwear showing, and hats must be worn straight forward or straight back.
  13. No smoking, drugs, alcohol, chewing tobacco or drug paraphernalia.
  14. Walk while inside the Youth Center. Tag games are not allowed.
  15. Unruly, physically aggressive, or dangerous behavior is unacceptable.
  16. No Public Display of Affection (kissing, hugging, holding hands etc.).
  17. No weapons or fireworks.
  18. Keep food and drinks in the Game Room.
  19. Clean up after yourself.
  20. Phone calls are 10 cents each. Calls can be made to parents only.         


Failure to follow the above rules or any action deemed inappropriate by the Staff or Director will result in one or more of the following disciplinary actions:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written warning sent to parents and placed on file
  • Sent home early
  • Suspension from the Youth Center       
  • Expulsion from the Youth Center